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Cedar-Riverside History

Quick FYI

Posted by Administrator on September 20th, 2007 — Posted in Uncategorized

this site hasn’t been updated for a long while. The office of public engagement at UMN had funded a project to create a Cedar-Riverside Digital Archive, which I am presently working on. Once it is up, this site will most likely just redirect there. Check back in October.

Public Engagement Day

Posted by Administrator on April 11th, 2007 — Posted in Main

Today was Public Engagement Day at UMN. I mentioned the Cedar-Riverside Gathering during my talk and want to share an audio clip from the story telling session that demonstrates all the different sorts of issues that were discussed by all the different kinds of people who showed up to the story sharing circle activity. The public participation during this activity was very impressive.
Story Telling (1:40 mp3 file)

35 Years of North Country

Posted by Administrator on August 10th, 2006 — Posted in Main

A history show is up at the Seward Cafe right now, celebrating the North Country Coop’s 35th year anniversary with a show on the history of coops in the north country. In the show you will see copies of information from radical publications such as the first announcement of the People’s Pantry in Hundred Flowers as well as documents and decrees from the coop wars. Check out this History of North Country Coop for some background information. There is also a large, must-see, timeline hanging that was created in 1995, where each event noted on the timeline has the signatures of some of the people who were involved with it.

The opening is August 11 and the show will be up through the month of August.

Hard Times Documentary

Posted by Administrator on June 30th, 2006 — Posted in Main

A 13 minute documentary about the Hard Times Cafe is now online. This documentary opens discussion with a few people about how the Hard Times came to be, some of the challenges it has faced, such as the sting operation and drug bust, and it managed to present a feel for the Cafe’s relationship with the surrounding community.

Download (31.7 MB)

The music featured in this video is by the band Copy.

The video format is h.264 — a new format not yet supported by all media players. If you can’t get the video to work, I strongly recommend getting VLC media player. VLC is a small open source media player that will work with most video formats.

New Hundred Flowers Content

Posted by Administrator on May 16th, 2006 — Posted in Main

I put up some more content from Hundred Flowers. As usual, the new scans have a • after them in the WB Media Archive.

One of the new articles posted demonstrates some of the troubles that Hundred Flowers faced with distribution of their radical paper.
Article on Police Suppression of Hundred Flowers Distribution

New Content and Documentary Teaser

Posted by Administrator on May 5th, 2006 — Posted in Main

I have added some scans to the WB Media Archive. All the new content is followed with a • mark. I’ve been noticing a lot of articles about alternative schools, and encouragement of children to drop out of schools, so I included some articles about those matters as well as a new comic on Cedar-Riverside development and some articles about Cedar Square West and University development.

I recently created a documentary about the Hard Times Cafe, its structure and relationship with the neighborhood. Check out the teaser (3 MB).

WB Media Archive

Posted by Administrator on February 15th, 2006 — Posted in Main

I’m working on a project to identify and catalog media that could be found in the West Bank neighborhood during the 60s and 70s. The purpose is of locating this material is so that arrangements can be made to have it preserved for the future. There were a lot of social changes happening during this time, from civil rights to the way people interpret history and and other social movements. If you have some material we would be interested in (publications, posters, flyers, something else), please let me know. Take a look at some of what I have done so far and contact me if you might have anything to add. The website will continue to be updated as I locate and discover new information.

Cedar-Riverside Community Media Podcast

Posted by Administrator on January 20th, 2006 — Posted in Main

Subscribe at: http://westbank.dreamformula.com/podcast/boundaries.xml

Learn about Podcasts and software that can be used to utilize them at Wikipedia – Podcast

I recommend using iTunes. To subscribe in iTunes, just go under the menu “Advanced” and select “Subscribe to Podcast…” copy and paste this URL into the text box: http://westbank.dreamformula.com/podcast/boundaries.xml

iTunes will now automatically check for new episodes of this Podcast.

Andersen Library Exhibition

Posted by Administrator on December 27th, 2005 — Posted in Main

The exhibit, The West Bank: Campus and Communities is up in the Andersen Library Gallery today through the 27th of January.
Come visit to learn about:
…University Development

…Organizing Community Gatherings and Activities

…Community Media

…Little Earth Housing Development


…and Bars on the West Bank.

Keep the 20th of January marked on your calendar for the reception. More information on that is upcoming.

Segments from the audio documentary Boundaries: Cedar-Riverside Community Media by Sam Clark are available at the exhibit, but I would recommend subscribing to the podcast. The podcast is a series of segments, approximately 5 minutes long each, about community based media in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. It will run for about 2 months with new segments being released every 1-2 weeks. The first segment won’t be released until December 31, but you can subscribe now.

KFAI News Piece

Posted by Administrator on December 8th, 2005 — Posted in Main

Co-Artistic Directors of the Bedlam Theatre discussed The Gathering with KFAI on December 7th. Listen (1.5MB MP3)

Or hear it at KFAI.org’s archives under the most recent Wednesday night news show.